Cashmere skin

Thursday, 6 November 2014

It's taken me far too long to catch up with the sonic cleansing hype, but finally I'm with it and after a month of trying out the Clarisonic Aria it's time to share the experience.

By no means a new phenomenon, sonic facial cleansing brushes have been on the beauty scene for a few years now with the Clarisonic Mia, Mia 2 and Plus a 'can't live without' item for many beauty lovers, and more recently Clinic have launched their own version. But it's the newest Clarisonic model I was interested in trying. The Aria boasts a few extra features which are in my opinion worth the slightly more expensive price tag.

The 'T-Timer' is a really useful feature that lets you know when to move on to another part of your face. So, 20 secs on chin and nose, 20 secs on forehead and 10 secs on each cheek. I would definitely be at risk of over doing it if it weren't for the timer! Having said that, there are times when a deeper cleanse is in order which is why the timer can be adjusted to longer periods. There are also three speeds so again, if you wanted a more vigorous clean you can up the ante.

The Aria is no hassle when it comes to travelling. It's not bulky or heavy and can be charged via a USB port. The brush head comes with a plastic cover that clips over the bristles- I kept hold of it and use to protect it while it's packed away. 

It has a drying station which is great for storing it between uses, and a nifty magnetic charger attachment that slips in through the drying station for use when you're not on the move. 

It achieves a much deeper clean than regular cleansing as it removes six times more dirt and makeup leaving skin in a much better place to absorb products afterwards. I was struck by how soft my skin felt after even the first use. 

I've been using it morning and evening for a month now and my skin feels really clean and soft, and just knowing that every bit of grime is off is peace of mind. Having not tried other models I don't know how it compares, but I can say that the Aria is a pleasure to use and definitely worth the investment.

Black & blue

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Biker Jacket: H&M Trend (similar here)
Sweater: COS (similar here)
Vintage Levi's (similar here)
White leather mules: Dorateymur
Bag: Sandqvist

Photography: Emma Gutteridge

Moxham x Whistles

Monday, 3 November 2014

Very excited about this exclusive collaboration between two of my favourite brands. Moxham and Whistles have teamed up to create a stunningly minimal and sophisticated jewellery collection. Clean and elegant graphic styles in a monochrome palette, the collection includes cuffs, necklaces, collars and headbands. All laser cut and powder coated in Moxham's Camberwell studio. Simply beautiful.

Available online now at whistles.

Ruby Woo

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

I rarely leave the house without applying one of the many MAC red lipsticks I have and often get asked which shade I'm wearing, so I thought I'd do some posts about them.
Starting with 'Ruby Woo', a matte lipstick which I wear with lip pencil in 'Cherry' - a perfect match to Ruby Woo, and so good it looks like I may have treid to take a bite out of it at some point. I don't always wear a lip liner but this shade has quite a dry consistency so it helps to have some shape to work up against. Worth noting that a small amount of lipbalm is necessary prior to application for the same reason. This lipstick has great staying power and is still around after eating, although I do love the feeling of freshly applied lipstick so tend to re-apply once or twice throughout the day.
MAC lip pencil in Ruby Woo available here
MAC lipliner in Cherry available here

Leather & plaid

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Oversized wool coat: Cos - similar here
Shirt: Zara (old) - similar here
Skirt: Beyond Retro - similar here
Bag: Dr Martens - similar here
Socks: Falke
Boots: Whistles

Photography: David Myers


Monday, 20 October 2014

I love my new patent ankle boots! Since buying them the weather has been pretty dismal but as they're patent I've been able to wear them without a care. Practical and easy on the eye. Good combo. 

Riley laofer boots: Whistles

Supercharged nails

Saturday, 18 October 2014

I first discovered Nails Inc's new NailKale range while flicking through Stylist Magazine a few weeks ago. Alexa Chung- the face of the range was featured wearing a selection of the NailKale colours and I immediately locked in one particular shade - Bruton Mews. A gorgeous dark green, perfect for Autumn. The range doesn't just offer up a great colour selection (I'm set on buying 'Montpelier Walk' next), but as the name would suggest there is actually kale extract in the formula, so it feeds your nails with vitamins A, C and K which stimulate keratin production. I purchased the 'Superfood' base coat as well, which I'm told can be used as a week long treatment for those times when nails are weak or brittle. The Nails Inc top coat 'Kensington Caviar' is also fantastic - so glossy and dries in a matter of minutes.

I've given myself 3 Bruton Mews manicures so far and honestly, my nails haven't felt this strong or grown so quickly. 

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